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    Commercial Mortgages

    Community Housing Finance for Australia and New Zealand

    We offer Construction and project finance at 100% LVR also senior debt funding

    Our difference from traditional funding is:

    • No 1st Mortgage Required
    • Term 20 – 30 or 35 years
    • Indicative % rate high 3’s or low 4’s%
    • Off Balance sheet
    • Easy Quick and Simple application, 2 pages only
    • Minimum Funding $10,000,000
    • No Maximum funding
    • Interest Only Facility
    • No LVR
    • Sovereign Support either State or Federal Government pledge may be required
    • No replacement policy if the asset is sold, Paydown debt
    • End of term options to refinance, or with external funder, or sell the asset

      Point Finance has a team of highly experienced property finance professionals with a proven track record of successfully delivering commercial loans.

      We offer direct access to an unrivaled network of commercial lenders ranging from major institutions, mortgage trusts, investment banks, private equity, private lenders and our own high net worth investors.

      We Offer Global Sovereign and Infrastructure Debt Investors offering Interest only building / development loans for Community Housing Providers,

      • Funder does not take a charge over the property,
      • No LVR ratio

      • Off Balance sheet

      The funder works on the valuation of the property increasing every 10 years so at the end of the 20 or 30 years the property has a future value i.e. double or treble the initial loan with the corporation only owing the original amount so they can dispose or take another loan.

      In short, the funding leveraged by Sovereign Guarantees

      The Funder

      The funder is a world’s first globally integrated exclusively dedicated infrastructure and sovereign debt investor with geopolitical economic policy experience and capabilities.

      The funder and its managed entities are an American based privately owned financial and services company that receives its capital support from a mixture of large North American and European based financial institutions, institutional investors and some of the world’s leading global investment banks which provide us with the financial backing and experience to tackle the most complex and challenging financial transactions. The funder maintains 14 international regional offices and professionals in the global markets and serve which is governed by a Global Management Committee and Board of Directors.

      The funder serves the global sovereign, sub-sovereign, financial institutions, and infrastructure financial markets as the leading go-to financial partner for cross border financial transactions.

      The funder is a leading progressive institution in Foreign Direct Lender using transformative liquidity and structured debt capital across the global markets

      We can provide commercial property finance solutions, including:


      Commercial loans based on valuation as opposed to purchase price


      Non-conforming private loans where a more flexible approach to lending is required

      We understand that every transaction is different, however our experience, industry leading knowledge and unrivalled network of lenders gives you the edge.