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    Business Acquisition and Startup Finance

    We have a variety of funders that will consider funding all industries either equipment funding or goodwill

    Example: Tyre company that had been operating for 11 years was sold to a new owner but they were short $300,000 on the purcjhase price We financed via an asset finance funding the trucks cars, tire equipment security equipment and point of sale system.

    Start up Business options

    Structured finance for all situations including for applicants that have been in a similar industry or industry experience

    Point Finance

    E.g: Couriers, Tip Trucks, Long Haul Truck, Local Delivery Trucks

    Cal A Senior Broker on 0404 468 266

    Recent example: A weekly paid driver in Victoria was offered to become a sub-contractor, We finance $90,000 on one day ABN to the New Owner Driver.